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From Farms to Zoos and Wales to N Ireland we have been on a fair few journeys across these isles. Below is just a selection of photos from courses we have constructed. Learning our trade through hard work and ingenuity. Sometimes waking at 4 o’clock in the morning to drive across the country. Our first course was at Woodside animal farm near Luton in the year 2001 and whilst it was a bit rough and ready it did have a certain charm about it that still makes me smile even now. I might bring back an updated version of that course as it was not a bad design, and as they say, sometimes in life to move forward we need to look back. I remember making a model to show the course in 3d which the owners kept. I was working hard to try and prove that I could build something people wanted to play and in the end I think we did. It was the beginning of a steep learning curve that continued after each course from then on. With the popularity of Adventure golf and mini golf growing (crazy golf has seen a decline though) we have not had to travel as far which means our early promotional work pushing for more inland courses has paid off for us as well as other course builders