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How much will a golf green cost?

There was a time when we constructed greens that had a base similar to that of a driveway or patio. It was a huge undertaking with a large cost attached. Nowadays we have cut out the unnecessary expense not mention the large scale works by building from the ground up. If  it is to be a raised green then all we remove is your turf or weed kill and build up the base over this. If it is to be dropped into the existing levels then we will need to remove at least 4" soil plus sump areas. You see building above the ground means the water will run off into the lower areas. If the green is the lower area then the water will settle there, so the base works will need extra drainage considerations (Firstly though we will need to know more about how your site drains). Of course it will drain either way but one construction costs more than the other. The points to consider are covered in our artificial golf green site survey. Once we have these details we can quote you prior to seeing the site, thereby giving you the chance to assess the merits of of our design and quote. A golf green construction on an area size of say 4 m x 8 m and building from the ground up without spoil removal will cost in the region of 2100 plus vat. Should you want your green to replicate a natural grass green, when shots are hit from distance then we will either add a longer pile surface or a shock mat. This will add in the region of 7 pound per m 2 to the total cost. Other costs to consider are our travel expenses and rubbish removal.

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