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Litter/ debris Removal

Keep litter bins on site

Route traffic so as to minimise mud/dirt tracking

Regular litter / debris removal

Light trash and airborne dust can be removed easily with a lawn sweeper or motorised vacuum (do not use a vacuum cleaner)

Periodic Brushing – carry out as much as possible

Using a broom or motorised sweeper with synthetic fibre bristles such as nylon or polypropylene

Of minimum 5” length

The surface should be lightly brushed using a stiff nylon bristle broom. Brushing will maintain uniform playing characteristics over the entire surface

Turf Loading Limitations

Brushing and brush cleaning may require several trips to finish the operation. Any sweeper that weighs more than 150 kg should have pneumatic tyres with a maximum tyre pressure of 3 pounds per square inch. Do not park vehicles on the turf, especially in the heat of the day or during extremely wet periods

Oil Spillage / Stain removal

Take care to prevent oil spillage, grease transmission fluids from spilling onto the surface. Such spills can discolour the surface. Never fill vehicle with petrol whilst on the surface

Remove spillage etc as soon as possible. It is always easier to remove a fresh spill rather than one that has been left for some time. Use a spatula to remove the material and absorb the remaining material by using an absorbent material such as kitty litter or dry towels. Dry absorbents can then be removed

Household / Carpet detergents can be used to remove stubborn stains

Chewing gum and cigarette burns

Firstly there should be no smoking on the course however if there is a cigarette burn separate the fibres and brush with a metal brush to try and remove the ‘blackening’

Chewing gum should be removed as soon as possible. (It should not be left to traffic in) by using an ice cube to freeze the gum – you can then pull it away. If it has become entwined in the fibres you may have to cut it out taking care not to damage the fibres

Major repairs

For major repairs such as severe scorching the affected turf may have to be removed. Cut the turf out and replace with a new piece, making sure both surfaces are adhered fully to the seaming tape.

In general keep the following:

Maintaining your surface