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Impact putting grass -

Pile Height - 16 mm

Colour - lush Green UV stable

Infill - Kiln dried sand at 8 kg per m 2  

Soft dense surface with the feel

of a natural bent grass green

Impact greens will hold your golf shots. Each green is constructed individually to suit requirements of the site. The advantage of our impact greens is the simplicity of the design. The turf is in filled with fine graded silica sand and is laid over an underlay fibre mat if required (mat would only be needed for long range golf shots). This system means the energy of the golf shot is absorbed upon impact rather than giving it back to the ball. Ideal for pitch and putt courses, range or garden practice green. There are two surfaces suitable for use as impact greens. One putt is the standard surface being consistent for mid range shots (of say 130 yds) and is an excellent putting surface. The other surface which is longer pile height but is not suitable as a putting surface is ‘Astro impact’. This is a standard value synthetic grass in filled with sand to within 5 mm of the fibre tips. The surface is then ironed so as to create a decent putting surface which improves over time. Astro Impact has the advantage of not requiring an underlay.

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Astro Impact

Pile Height - 25 mm

Colour - Green UV stable

Infill - Kiln dried sand at 12 kg per m 2

dense surface and open pile surface (this gets sand infill)

Impact Golf greens