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We install artificial surface tee strips, tee boxes and also supply mats.

Tee Boxes - a dense pile synthetic surface can allow a tee peg to remain upright when inserted without the need for sand infill within the pile - We do however always recommend some sand within the surface so as to improve stability and act as an aid to filtering soil particles that work their way into the pile. We can also supply a budget rubber infill tee surface that works great Tee Strips - great for driving ranges these 4m wide strips up to any length allow mats to be placed in the same location without the need to move - this helps prevent mudding up and killing the underlying grass whilst also giving the mats a longer life therefore saving you money in the long run! Chipping Zones - stops excess wear and tear around your practice area these artificial surfaces can be set up to replicate your fairways, rough or fringe

Super Tee  - Details: This a 40mm pile height surface with a high stitch rate and density. The upright fibres are held into place by a mass twisted fibres throughout. This in  turn means that a golf tee can held in position like on a regular natural grass tee. The surface does not require infill though we would recommend at least 8 kg per m2 to aid stability and as an aid to initial drainage. The amount of dirt trafficked onto an artificial grass tee is high so the more sand the better. If the sand is filled to within 10 mm of the top , then the surface will hold the tee (including long tees)better, will be easier to keep clean and enable spiked tee markers to be secured solidly into place.  


Tee Strip -  (Strip tees)

Tee strips are great for driving ranges as the wear and tear is isolated to the tee mats, an artificial grass pad is cost effective and blends in well when laid on natural grass tee areas. The surface is a 15 - 20 mm pile height and is in filled with sand at 8 kg per m2. The strip below was installed at brocket hall golf club in 2003 and to my knowledge is still going strong  

Tee Box construction

The tee box can be dropped into a raised tee area. Soil is removed and a A border fake wood ‘plastic’ edging is then installed to the desired shape (generally square). Membrane is laid and a stone base created.The area is then levelled and compacted using fine material. The surface is then dropped into the prepared box and cut in if required. The shape of the box is generally square or rectangular but can be any shape that you desire. Recent trends have seen tees that are more organic in shape. The tee box can be surrounded by natural grass or even a longer synthetic grass surface. The super tee surface can be used as can a regular long pile infill surface


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