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The addition of natural water features greatly enhance the visual aspect of a course, as well as provide another dimension to the game. Water creates a feeling of tranquility yet at the same time provides a hazard. Making sure each water feature fits harmoniously is at the forefront of our thinking. In our designs, making the ball jump, follow the flow and even skim over water are ways in which we try to integrate the water within holes so that the players experience is maximised.

Chlorine Treated Features. Treated water features tend to be located in open areas, such as at the seaside or on themed courses. The location matters as where there is less organic matter/debris liable to enter the feature, then there will be less material to process. You can of course have treated water elsewhere but if you do not keep up with maintenance through filtration and clearance, then the smell of chlorine mixed with decaying organic matter will be unbearable.

Natural water features. Creating natural features with good water quality is our main focus when designing the water features. The set- up design should be made so that as much aeration as possible is encouraged. This can be through waterfalls, fountains, pumps and submerged plants. Plants with various attributes in particular will help to aerate, feed of available nutrients and provide shade. Water borne algae feeds off sunlight/nutrients and can reproduce rapidly when conditions allow so shade will certainly help if you can work into the design. Debris that is allowed to remain in the pond such as leaves and dust should be removed as quickly possible to prevent a proliferation of nutrients which will start a bloom in alage, overgrown plants and can if left unchecked, anerobic water conditions in which harmful bacterial will increase. There is good bacteria which can be nurtured, by providing more surface area. This can be achieved through shingle, pebbles, bead filtartion, lava rock and just through complex rock additions as in one the designs below. Good bacteria will greatly aid in the battle against the dreaded pond weed. Water features are the most time consuming yet most satisfying element and there is much more detail than I can go into here so I will look update this page and add more at a later date.

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We do not just work on mini golf courses. We can also design and build a water feature or pond for commercial or private clients. We work throughout london and the south east. Please contact us to arrange for a quotation

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