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Whether fake or real, rock works provide mini golf courses with that epic grand feel. Natural rocks have that timeless quality which can be seen in the intricate grain patterns. Rocks that are millions of years old are great obstacles as well as fascinating to look at. Artificial rocks have their place too being the perfect solution for large scale rock works. Great for caves, walls and water features these constructions take time and patience but compliment natural rocks well. We can utilise the latest materials to provide rock works that are not prone to cracking and will last for many years to come.

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Natural rock works are great for course structure, stepping stones, border for holes and as a surround for water features. Larger rocks are lifted and placed by diggers which gives a feeling of absolute ‘set in stone’ completion. The smaller rocks are utilised to fill the gaps and add the required detail, they compliment the larger rocks to give a more realistic field view. Its back breaking work shifting the smaller rocks (up to  50kg) but its well worth the extra effort when the results are seen.

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We have worked alongside Rockwork artists who have worked at many uk zoos. We have recently attended training in the correct application and can now offer this skill to not only our mini golf requirements but also to any landscape project.  Following on from this, we are now in a position to carry out detailed decorative concrete facades, water features, walling, themed areas and paving. We can work this material indoors or outdoors. It is the ideal solution for interior works, as it is lightweight yet strong. The addition of other additives makes it usable for a range of situations.

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