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Links pro putting golf is the next generation of miniature golf courses. Links golf putting greens can be shortened versions of proper golf holes; some holes will resemble some of the most famous holes in golf. This newest trend in miniature golf is called links pro putting. Featuring versions from world famous signature holes from the world’s most famous courses. Beware though these courses are addictive. The excitement of each new strategy for each new putt and each new hole will keep people coming back to play again. So anyone playing should plan a strategy for each hole carefully and will they find as others have found that these mini golf courses are the most challenging and exciting courses the world has ever seen.

The third generation of mini golf course design combines the stimulating play and unique challenges of a regular golf course. Real mini golf courses capture the beauty of the landscape golf courses are known for such as long idling fairways, sand bunkers and other features make links mini golf courses delight to play. Holes offer challenging par threes and fours versus par twos. With classic and themed mini golf holes, the strategy often involves banking the shot and aiming for a par one or two. Now it is a question of laying up the shot or going for it and paying a heavy price if you fail to get close. This requires establishing the break and keeping an eye on their line. People hitting the ball to hard will find it landing in the rough, in the sand bunker, hitting a strategically placed rock or landing in a water hazard. Hit it through the green and your ball leaves the course and you will have incurred a penalty shot as well as playing the ball from the drop zone. links golf holes are generally longer than standard mini golf holes varying in length from 30’ up to 160’ compared to 16’ –32’ for standard mini golf

The putting challenge attracts more mature patrons as well as kids of all ages. Many mini golf operators are faced with the challenge of attracting the more mature patrons because of the lack of a putting challenge and fear of alienating the younger patrons the business they enjoy. Real mini golf courses offer an exciting challenge for the whole family. It is an excellent way for golfers to practice their putting game. A great way to introduce and teach junior golfers an appreciation for putting

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