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Just a thought - Although we are constructors of adventure golf courses using artificial surfaces, our roots are based in a bygone era when natural grass was the only option. They are fast disappearing but the natural grass putting course was common once upon a time, I remember playing almost weekly down at our local park. The course I played on had so many dips and turns on the way to the hole. The greens were in very good condition and the local council spared no expense maintaining the course to a good standard. It's sad really, but that kind of local entertainment saved you from driving miles to the nearest mini golf course. They also had a cafe serving everything a kid would want, a paddling pool and a bowling green for general public use. The course attendant dished out the putters from a shed, Which looking back had a Granddad's wooden hut feel about it. The town where the course was situated  was not a tourist town by any stretch of the imagination. It was in a sense a new town with people who moved there just after the war. A new way of living, not aspiration al but contented. Indeed in at least one park per town there was a putting course and or a pitch and putt course. There was more fields and space. Much of this has now been eroded (even though I have seen many instances of land left to grow wild where once stood a natural putting green) to a point where there is nothing to do for the younger generation unless they want to join the mass of local football clubs. They have taken away local facilities to larger complex’s away from the town. This has meant driving everywhere. There are wider implications for the environment here of course but that's not really my point. I'm just sad that I never got the chance to walk my kids let alone any possible grandchildren down to the local park for a game of putting. Sometimes to go forward we need to look back. I was looking for a photo to add at the bottom of the page but found none, shame.

If anyone is interested in having a natural grass course installed, refurbished, or upgraded then please get in contact as I am sure we could come up with a design for a superb natural grass Adventure, mini or crazy golf course.

Natural grass putting

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