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What should a mini golf course cost?
A hard one this as the saying goes how long is a piece of string or you get what you pay for. What budget do you have? What area size will i need? If they design and build then they might design a course to maximise profit right? Not really For instance Southampton mini golf was a design and build course and we were aware of their expected budget prior to starting. We supplied a design based on the specification and money involved. The course could not have height gradients of more than 2 foot amongst other restrictions.The council had already instructed us that they would planting borders for x amount - the cost was to be around Xk all in- it was not a huge amount in the world of mini golf course constructors. We managed to create 18 tracks on an area size of 1600m2 but much of the area was left as natural grass due to the budget. I can't comment on the finish of the course but as I said earlier you get... A point in case is had they gone for 9 holes on half the area size then the course would have looked a bit closer to how we want a course to look. I mean, you can get a design done and get companies to tender but I still bet we can provide better value through our design and build. The only way is to compare to find out but that means you will still pay for the design unless you do the design yourself but you must make sure you cover every angle in the design to prevent further costs later on. From the outset we will work with you to get the best possible course for your outlay. We generally have worked on courses from 25k up to 250k but the costs can obviously go upwards. It all depends upon what you desire. See How We Work for an example. Adventure Themed golf will of course be the most expensive with traditional crazy golf at the other end of the scale, but whatever you choose it must be right for the location. We will work with you to come up with the best possible design and will be there to oversee the project if you choose. Should you not use us after the design phase, then as a one off you will be unlikely to get a course that you are satisfied with. As with any skill it takes time and experience to get the finish you want.

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