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Football. Can we construct football pitches?
It really depends on what size and what standard of football. We have constructed a football surface for one of our customers on an area the size of a five a side football pitch. We put in a stone base and levelled of by way of compaction. We did not use fines to finish the wearing course as these can be prone to dispersal into the lower strata. The finishing layer was then overlaid with the pro play shock pad which we fitted into place. Finally the surface was laid joined and sand dressed to aid stability. Really the practices we used in this construction is consistent with most club standard pitches so in theory yes we could construct a pitch of around the size of a five a side pitch by utilising some specialist contractors to Tarmac, fence and light the area. There was a case sometime ago now where we were asked to construct a full size rugby pitch, we went down the route of looking to work in collaboration with a constructor of full size natural pitches. We designed, the pitch, sourced the correct shock pad, ‘Brock’, got a specification for the base from the RFU, and got a quote from floodlighting installers and fencing contractors. The quote was lower than pretty much all the major contractors at the time but the client a ‘school’ pulled the plug on the project and to this day they still do not have a pitch whilst all the schools in the locality have since gone plastic. Looking back we were unlucky to put in a tender for the only school that didn't bother going plastic but after all the effort we kind off drifted away from the idea of large scale pitch constructions - (probably for the better). But because of this insight, we have the experience to give private customers a pro pitch at a reasonable cost.

Laying the Pro Play underlay

The finished Pitch

Fake Grass Footie Lawn

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