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Now when it comes to artificial grass for dogs it becomes difficult. Dogs as we all know love to smell of soil and grass. They use the grass as medicine when they feel unwell and like to roll about on the mud. Soil helps to filter dirt and bacteria which dogs leave on the surface. The problem with fake grass is that well it's not alive. No micro organisms, healthy bacteria or worms and insects that create this Eco system. Ok regardless you have had enough of your dog spoiling the lawn and have come to the conclusion that synthetic grass is the best way forward. Well firstly you need to consider the grass carefully. Be aware that the lawn will need regular cleaning. I got a call from one customer who said that the surface we laid a few years ago was infested with maggots and flies (this person had two large dogs), so make sure you keep up with regular cleaning.An infill surface is best for dogs as the grass has better stability, not easily damaged and easier to clean. A lot of the fibre twist surfaces can be difficult to clean as dirt gets tangled up within the twisted fibres. These lightweight surfaces ( especially if no infill has been applied) are easily damaged. I remember one lawn we just laid! Where after finishing the customer let out her Alsatian dog, the dog didn't take long to flick up a bit of turf and pull the grass up and drag it across the garden. A valuable lesson for us on the need to nail down to the max and use the correct grass. Also consider leaving a small patch of natural grass if you don't have too much time to take your dog out to the local park. This small patch becomes a good source of natural medicine and an occasional toilet. One Great thing that dogs love though is the warmth that artificial grasses give off. On a mild day, sunny day the grass will give off good heat, which for a dog is a great place for an afternoon snooze

Fake Grass For Dogs

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There are a range of artificial grass cleaning products on the market  which I will endeavour to add on here at a future date