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Target greens - Whether  you want a natural looking impact green which you can putt on or a zany colourful green then look no further.

Colourful target circles can improve game play and increase revenue on your driving range. These greens can be installed into a natural grassed area or as part of a larger synthetic grass area. They can be built up and set at an angle so that the user can see the targets from where the shot is played. Scoring zones will mean a simple but effective game can be played. Users will want ‘another go’ to try and better their score. The artificial target greens can be set at various distances so as to allow practice on all parts of the game. We have many ideas for games on the range and can help you realise your sites potential.

All the colours of the rainbow and some not in the rainbow. We can supply fake grass in some unusual colours including gold, brown, pink, Red, black, silver… Colours can also be made to order but this depends greatly on the quantity required

Target Golf Greens