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The cost of maintaining a natural grass golf green is high. It is for this reason which has seen the popularity of synthetic golf greens increase rapidly. Not only do synthetic greens require little maintenance, they are also hard wearing and extremely consistent. Our greens can perform just like the ones at your local club. Whether you want a shot holding surface, surrounds turf, rough turf or our ‘Touch play system’ short Game Training Facility We install only quality synthetic putting surfaces which have been tried and tested. Our surfaces are on display at some of the leading practice facilities including St Andrews, brocket hall and Top Golf game centres
Ok you want to improve your golf and in particular putting. Saving shots is the name of the game. First and foremost an artificial putting green will help you out on the course, it cannot however replace good practice on the practice green prior to play. Should you get an artificial green then it should be viewed as a practice aid and entertainment. I cannot guarantee you will get better but I can guarantee a quality putting surface. But as they say practice makes perfect. I'm not going to into great detail about how an artificial green stacks up against a natural green cost wise over a ten year period as most people never even consider a natural green. Surfice to say a fake grass green costs a lot less. But I'm not going to rubbish natural greens far from it. There is nothing like a natural grass green and the pleasure you can get from producing a clean cut healthy stripped lawn. That's the problem now a days everyone wants perfection now and from that perspective an artificial golf green makes sense

Our Synthetic golf greens look feel and play like a quality golf green. Consistent performance in all weathers mean these greens can be utilised all year round. Durable and hard wearing, these greens will last for years. No watering, mowing feeding and all the other practices associated with a natural golf green