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How do you view a type of crazy golf course, links, adventure, crazy or why not  parkland, forest, Lakeland...?
The way we work is that there is only one type of course and that is the one that suits the site, locality and patrons. In the world of mini golf we can distinguish styles of courses by how they play. For the sake of classification I will put them into the type
Links realistic  Like mini golf but larger with added twists that are in keeping with crazy golf and adventure golf - Note: our idea is to Fuse the best parts of realistic links golf with themed/ adventure golf and create the worlds finest mini golf courses. It may never happen but that's the dream!
Adventure golf - not sure where the name came from for this type of course but in theory most courses could claim to be adventure golf. Typically they are themed courses with a high amount of concrete rendering to simulate rockwalls. The tracks are are normally sloping with various twists and turns. From jungle to volcano and the ice wastes
Themed - these are normally found in tourist destinations where a high turnover can be expected. Not known for the finer points of putting challenges these courses look to the visual aspect to attract High amounts of visitors rather looking for repeat business. Many can be found indoors these days where the polystyrene and render can be erected quickly. These courses can be a lot of fun but there is need for a better balance between playability and aesthetics
Crazy golf-These classic courses can be found all over the uk coastline. Flat concrete mixed with undulations and covered with a felt surface. Continuous border surrounds to keep ball in play. Standard obstacles such as windmill and water wheel. Great fun and skill required

Mini Golf Holes shaped like regular golf course holes and as the name imply's in miniature. Some borders and open areas where the ball can run off. Intricate putting challenges with simulated or real water hazards, and sand traps

Mini Golf Course Types