How we work


Surveying Phase:

If there are no plans of proposed site it will be necessary to carry out a survey of site. The survey req. will be determined by the design req.We can also carry out the survey ourselves and make a nominal charge to cover our costs.

Design Phase:

Putt fantastic will work with client to ascertain what the client would like to see in the finished design i.e. theming, structures, surface material, lighting, course difficulty level…From this information we can draw up a basic design. Conceptual drawings/ model/ design will then be prepared for client at cost.     

Planning permission: It will then be necessary to seek planning approval (unless of course this has already been approved or approval is not required). You will need an ordanance survey site plan outlining area to be used along with construction details. In this first meeting try and find out what special requirements may be needed. Try and get them on your side by mentioning that the course will benefit the community and that recycled materials will be used in part of the construction

Detailed design phase:

The client will be given a quote for detailed design (see architects fees) .  Architects Fees @ cost (Putt fantastic will liase with architect to produce detailed plans and scope of work booklet on behalf of client). We will charge an hourly rate for our service

Construction  - Options are as Follows:

Option 1 : The client will be given a quote for the entire construction with Putt Fantastic as Building Contractor.

This will include Materials

Materials supplied by Putt Fantastic

Construction Fees   

Sub Contractors Fees                                          

Option 2: The client has the option of assuming the role of Project Manager/Building Contractors with Putt Fantastic overseeing the Project. Client will be given an outline of costs. Client will however have control over exact costs and determine the most cost effective way to carry out the project.

Putt Fantastic will be involved on an advisory basis (as well as liasing with various parties) and charge for services at a rate of £ per hour. Putt fantastic will make regular visits (travel costs will be included into each visit) and charge for this service on a monthly basis.

At any point during the project Putt Fantastic can carry out construction at the request of the client at £ per hour.       

Once project is completed Putt Fantastic will supply relevant start- up equipment i.e. putters, balls, scorecards, pencils as well as some promotional information