Golf Green Design Questions

These questions allow us to ascertain your requirements and get a basic site survey. Questions 8-12 do not have to answered if indeed you have no preference

  1. Area size/ green size (Please add site plan):

  1. What is soil like down to a depth of 6” (over area of proposed green )

  1. What is drainage like? After heavy rainfall how long does it take for water to drain away?

  1. Gradient differential of site and surrounding area:

  1. Are there any trees on the site? If so where and what species?

  1. Are there any cables or other hazards under the site?

  1. What is access like into your street (note overhead cables), into your driveway, site entrance to garden. What are entrance widths? Height restrictions?

  1. Desired Green Shape (please add diagram)?

  1. Gradients of golf green?

  1. Number of holes?

  1. What is preferred Green speed?

  1. From what distance will you be hitting shots onto the green?

  1. What is chosen Surface Material?

  1. Do you want tees?

  1. Do you want bunkers if so what size?

  1. Is synthetic surrounds turf required?

  1. Can soil to be left on site or is it to be removed?

  1. How is the surrounding site to be finished?

With Natural Turf?

Decorative stone?

Fine path material?