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Infill surfaces
Do you want an upright grass lawn that lasts the test of time, filters dirt, is very stable, easy to clean, east to remove animal mess, and easy to recycle should the need arise? People get put off an infill surface as they have seen them at the local artificial football pitch, my child's shoes gets filled with rubber, I hate the smell of rubber are two such complaints. Add to this that when showing an open surface to a client they always prefer the look of the thatch layer surface. The thatch layer surface will only generally look better for about a year, after this the infill will match it for looks but will also be more beneficial in the points already raised. For dog lovers who want an artificial surface they should want an open surface that is sand filled to within 20mm of the tips of the fibres. Dog mess soon gets tangled up in thatch layer surfaces and it becomes very difficult to remove. Using wipes and spray will get rid of most but there is always a certain amount that makes it deeper into the profile. For sports it makes even more sense. There is a reason that sports never utilise the more modern thatch layer surface. All surfaces flatten over time and a low cost thatch layer surface will flatten quickly so before you dismiss it think carefully.

Infill Artificial Grass

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Example opposite shows the layers within an artificial grass surface along with a rubber infill.