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We supply and install surfaces suitable for sports. We have installed Club standard Cricket Wickets,Back Garden Football pitches, Hockey Practice pads and short tennis Courts. For each sport we make sure that the correct surface is used  which means tried and tested surfaces form the Country’s leading suppliers of Artificial grass such as Verde sports and SIS. The surface is only as good as the base construction and to this end we make sure the base conforms to all standards. We have generally worked on small scale installations for sports, but have the experience and knowledge to lay larger scale

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The cricket nets opposite along with a cricket strip were laid at St Columbus college in 2008. The surrounding trees did create a bit of a problem as storms had seen branches falling on the nets whilst we were constructing. The finished strips of 12 m long and 2m wide, had an underlay shock pad placed to deaden ball bounce and replicate a natural clay cricket wicket. Between the strips, long artificial grass was glued in to complete the low maintenance facility

Football lawns and small football pitches is the main sport, other than golf that we construct. The reason is obvious due to the many many footie fans. Please view our dedicated footie lawn page for more details

Hockey lawn with rebound board was one of our more unusual requests . After laying the correct base and covering with a dedicated artificial hockey surface we covered and pinned a treated timber board with a needle punched grass surface. This back board was then attached to solid posts.