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Bunkers - using synthetic grass surfacing on bunkers makes a lot of sense. Wearing away of the banks can be prevented by installing fake grass over a cellular confinement structure. Stones and soil coming through from the base of the bunker can also be eradicated by having tough matting and a layer of synthetic grass installed at the base. -

As you know it takes a lot of time and effort to keep bunkers
Looking nice and playing consistently. The loss of sand over time, rain and foot traffic causes erosion. add to this the grass growing through the sand causing irregular shapes makes the bunker look unsightly until edging is carried out. Of course with regular maintenance bunkers can be kept in good shape but if time is of the essence then it is worth considering alternative methods. A good artificial grass of high density and curled fibre can be utilised to prevent the aforementioned problems. Firstly the turf can be laid on the base of the bunker to cover the bottom of the bunker and drainage sump (on some courses I have played there is nothing worse than preparing to take a bunker shot and smashing your club straight onto hard soil or worse a stone and seeing your ball get no elevation not to mention a painful wrist). Having the turf at the base at least provides a cushion as well as preventing the loss of sand into the sub strata. The banks of bunkers can also use fake grass to prevent erosion. The turf can be pinned back into the sloped bank and onto the edge of the bunker. Other methods can be used f the slope is steep or near vertical a method simillar to that of layering natural turf can be used.  Drainage will need to be considered behind the turf depending on location of the bunker. Fake turf provides a good reinforcement for banking as well as a dividing barrier between soil and sand.


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