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Artificial grass surfaces are a practical solution for heavily used areas on golf courses and driving ranges as well as being ideal for low maintenance golf greens. The use of fake grass can extend to bunkers, pathways, temporary greens and soil retention. Greens can be set up to receive golf shots from distance by utilising our Impact grass. Chipping zones and pitch and putt courses can be given a modern twist by adding colour and scoring zones. We can upgrade your surfacing or add a new dimension to your course. Crazy pitch and putt is something we have considered a viable addition to existing golf complexes. Many courses are now struggling to survive - synthetic golf surfaces can give you all year round play and therefore better revenue.

Improve your putting with a home putting green for your back garden. These low maintenance greens can also enhance the visual aspect of your garden as well as becoming an entertaining focal point. You can also surround your green with fringe turf to give the green a more natural look.

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Surfaces of differing pile heights and density can replicate grasses you may encounter on the course. For putting greens a pile height of between 13 mm - 18 mm is ideal whereas for a fairway the pile height would be between 20 - 30 mm. Fringe grass would be a similar pile height to fairway but would have a greater density of fibre so as to allow the ball to sit proud. Amount of sand brushed into the surface will determine actual pile height of the grass blades. Rough grass would of course have the longest pile height of any length from 40 mm upwards

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