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From an original idea to a conceptual plan our aim is to exceed your expectations and realise your ambition to produce new and exciting golf experiences. Not just a visual treat, each feature is part of the course and not just there to be looked at. Courses are not just thrown together Every part of the course is carefully thought out to bring your patrons an entertaining golf experience. Your site is carefully evaluated for how the course should be. Consideration of the impact it will have on your patrons and the surrounding environment is foremost in our minds . The course playability should always come before aesthetics as how the course plays has been proven to effect repeat business.

The type of course for the right location is also important. For example: an elaborately themed course constructed away from tourist destinations will not have a turnover greater than a normal putting course

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Water features that are integral to the design. Not just there for show. Many shots will end up in the water. This adds a certain amount of jeopardy. The picture to the right is a shot you take over the waterfall. Click on the link for more details on water features

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Don’t neglect the Planting! Too many courses are created using bleak concrete structures that do not blend in with the surroundings. We prefer to bring in  a good array of plants that will Add all year round colour. This adds a touch of beauty and a slightly serene calming quality

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